Mjärdevi by Night

September 27th, between 4PM and 9PM
Science Park Mjärdevi consists of hundreds of companies and thousands of employees and students. Daily, we are doing business all around the world. We talk a lots of different languages and our place bubbles of activity. However, on September the 27th, we want us all to break away from our desks, meet each other and celebrate our community – Science Park Mjärdevi. We will open our doors and invite the public. Let us show them a glimpse of what we do every day, our brilliant minds and groundbreaking solutions!

Let’s Co-Create!

Mjärdevi by Night is a way to celebrate our community. We want to engage you and your company in creating content for the evening. Perhaps you want to showcase your products, have a slot in Speakers Corner, or host an activity.
Here are examples of features where your company can be seen and contribute:
  • Speaking in Speakers Corner
  • Showcase your products
  • Stand for the evening’s entertainment
  • Stand for boot
  • Stand for snacks
  • Create a digital guide for the activities
  • Arrange technology activity for children
  • Arrange technology activity for adults
  • Be hosts and receiving visitors

Save the date and contact us if you want to contribute!