Data engineer to define & mould ML for our applications – Agama

Nov 14 - Jan 31 2017

Dive deeply into our data through analytics and ML.  You’re a newly graduated engineer with masters degree and burning interest in analytics & ML, or an engineer with a few years experience in the field.


Engineer – Analytics And Machine Learning

Our customers collect great amounts of data. Working as analytics engineer at Agama will make you an expert on using that data to answer questions that our customers are asking, also those that go beyond our current application suite. This work may spark ideas for new applications or services that we may build in future.

Currently, our applications make it easy to filter, slice and dice the data and leave most of the cognitive work to the users. As most of the data is regular and follows specific patterns it is very interesting to look into the area of machine learning to aid users in making the right choices when working with the data. You could be the one that propels us in this area by leading from the trenches.




Agama Technologies is a close knit, innovative company that works within the data and the TV domain. We help video operators understand their customers and operations, get new insights and improve by making correct decisions based on data. Our powerful infrastructure and stunning data applications make this possible. We build our products using the latest technologies from the world of big data, analytics, web applications and visualization.Users of our products are technical operations, devops teams and data analysts at TV operators all over the world.

We’re doing well and looking to expand in all areas. Are you a skilled engineer looking for a new challenge? Or freshly graduated and have a strong personal interest in some of our core technologies and programming? If so, apply to us!



What We Offer

  • A chance to work with a team of like minded, skilled engineers that you can rely on and learn a great deal from.
  • Actual work is our first priority. You’ll work in a place where we put our resources on learning, building skill and making great products for our customers.
  • Work is not everything in our life. We almost never work overtime and we do not encourage working off hours.
  • You’ll work with latest technologies in the areas of big data, visualization, analytics and distributed systems – tightly coupled with the TV domain.
  • You’ll work for a small, innovative and profitable company with an ambition to grow and to create opportunities, both for our customers and for ourselves.


What Do We Appreciate?

We all come from a strong technical background (not only at R&D), so logical, analytical thinking is greatly appreciated. This manifests often in an scientific approach to solving problems, being able to entertain multiple views for the sake of discussion and being able to have your ideas questioned constantly in search of the best solution.It goes almost without saying, we like our non-political working environment with a focus on learning and building great products.While we do not have an official set of cultural values, these are the things that we really appreciate:

An Analytical Mindset

  • On important matters, you never guess. You want to understand.
  • You can distinguish between what is important to spend time on, and what can be improved or defined later.
  • You have a deliberate, analytical approach to making decisions. When an important decision is made, it’s easy for you to explain the reasoning behind the decision to your colleagues.

Skilled at Communication

  • You express yourself in an accurate and concise way on matters of engineering. Your peers tend to understand and it is easy to engage in discussions.
  • You have a thing for putting thoughts in writing and sharing with others to test your ideas and reasoning.
  • You build trustful relations with your co-workers by skilfully communicating how you reason & solve problems, and by being a reliable performer that others can lean on.

Learning Personality

  • You are or have a strong desire to become very good at what you do.
  • Your interest in programming and technology is not just a job for you.
  • You have a scientific approach to solving problems: experimenting, removing uncertainty and risk, logically building your case before making a solution.
  • You make your work and your reasoning continuously available to others for scrutiny and to spark discussion.
  • You can objectively discuss and kill your ideas or work if it doesn’t meet the bar.
  • You’re humble, open and can handle ambiguity and uncertainty.

Strong Desire to Make Impact

  • You work hard on reducing complexity, as complexity is the enemy no 1 of progress and growth.
  • You hate wasting time on things that will never fly. The earlier a bad idea is killed the better.
  • Your preferred way of working is making lean solutions and putting them in field quickly to gain more understanding of the problem. Reaching customers quickly with a partial solution is preferred to giving them the full solution the first time.
  • We’re not always great at all of this, but we try to improve at every opportunity we get.


What To Expect In The Recruiting Process

  • We want to get to know you so you’ll meet with quite a few of us
  • We’ll do our due diligence on your background and skills
  • We’ll give everyone an equal chance at the job

All to make sure you’ll fit in and enjoy working with us.Also, we don’t hire for roles that you’ll “grow into over time”, but for the roles that you can do well as soon as you get to know our domain. When you’re excellent at what you’re doing, there will be room for trying out something new.We don’t invent positions and we have a very flat development organisation. With us you can be an engineer or principal engineer/software architect. These are different roles, not only a difference in skill.



If you are interested in any of these positions or want some more information, please contact Aner Gusic.