Mass Customization Engineer – SkyMaker

May 24 - Jul 24

Do you want to work with transforming the manufacturing industry from fixed size manufacturing on the other end of the world to on demand customized manufacturing done locally and distributed?


Do you want to work in an effective team of engineers that both leads the way in how this is done and develops the tools to make it all possible?

Do you like solving puzzles and are good at putting logical thinking and reasoning into practical use? Then you should work on the SkyMaker team!

At SkyMaker we make special products the new normal in the industry by providing design tools that automate all the way from the untrained customer to the manufacturing machines. With our tools and methods we can make manufacturing of customized products as cost effective as traditional manufacturing. With flexible machines now being installed in the factories all over the world we can now make local automated manufacturing of customized gods a reality for everyone.

We are now looking for another engineer to the team to work with customer projects to help jumpstart tailor made design tools to let their end customers customize their products online and automate their manufacturing process all the way. The SkyMaker team helps extracting the logic behind the product, creates an intuitive workflow for untrained users and implements the dynamic rules behind a products that can be customized in our design suite DynaMaker.


Sounds interesting?


Give us a shout at and we will tell you more about our team and mission.