Production Test Operator

Jun 7 - Aug 7 2018

The Production Test Operator is responsible for testing products in the Production Test system, according to instructions and routines available. Working in conjunction with the Operations team, tasks include

  •  Test boards in production flow (connect, test and conclude results)
  • Communicate with and deliver and fetch boards from our subcontractor (walking distance)
  • Work with troubleshooting of non-conformant boards together with rest of Operations and R&D
  • Work with final assembly of boards (heatsinks, shield boxes, fans etc)
  • Packaging boards for shipment to customers
  • Work with improving routines, instructions and documentation for product assembly

Requirements for the position

  • An attention to detail and a quality mind-set.
  • Basic computer skills in Excel and Word
  • Basic language skills in English and Swedish, both oral and written

Experience from the following areas would be of merit for the position:

  • Assembling electronic parts
  • Experience of working within a manufacturing environment

The production team (part of the whole product development team) today consists of the Operations Manager and one Electronics assembly staff with support from R&D in developing and performing the production testing. We intend to grow volumes significantly, which will mean that this team will need to expand to meet those needs.

We offer you

a job in a varying and interesting electronics production environment, in absolute cutting-edge technology, which will develop your experience and competence and make yourself equipped for the challenges of the future. At Teledyne SP Devices we demand that you continuously improve both your competence and efficiency, learning new stuff, taking on responsibilities and exchanging experience with your very competent colleagues. We offer the small company’s advantages with short paths to decisions and small tight teams, taking care of each other, and at the same time we operate together with the rest of Teledyne and our customers on a global arena. Our technical development and production resides at HQ in Linköping, Sweden – while we have sales offices in Linköping, Genève, San Ramon and Boston.

About Teledyne a Devices

Teledyne SP Devices develop and market digital signal processing IP for enhancement of analog-to-digital conversion and digitizers and data acquisition products with cutting-edge performance. Our product portfolio enables development of advanced systems with state-of-the-art analog-to-digital performance. With the help of Teledyne SP Devices’ products market-leading solutions are developed by our customers in several different areas, such as test & measurement, software defined radio, radio base station transceivers, digital image processing, data acquisition and mass spectrometry. More information can be found on


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Teledyne SP Devices Teknikringen 6
SE-583 30 Linköping Sweden