Software Testing Manager: Orthopaedics – Sectra

Apr 17 - May 2

Job Description

Sectra Orthopaedic Solutions provides products and services for pre-operative planning and post-operative followup of orthopaedic surgery based on 2D and 3D medical images. Our small and fast-moving team is currently seeking a test manager to join us in Linköping. You will define and set the course for our testing activities, coordinate and take active part in day-to-day testing, and act as a champion for quality and sound engineering practices throughout the department.

In this position, you will:

  • Define, uphold and continuously improve the testing strategy and methodologies for our product line.
  • Provide input to product change planning to ensure that test impact is always given proper consideration.
  • Coordinate, participate, and engage the team in testing activities during development and system test phases.
  • Document test outcomes and provide feedback on the results.
  • Encourage healthy testing habits and promote product quality and end-user focus at all times.
  • Evolve our way of working – we can always make things better!
  • Possibly be an agile coach for the development team.


We expect you to be well educated with an excellent academic record, but also to have a sense of humor (life is too short not to have fun!). At Sectra, we hire people for who they are and for their willingness and ability to learn, rather than for their previous experience.

For this position, the following requirements apply:

  • PhD, Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in software engineering or equivalent.
  • Fluency in English and Swedish.
  • Passion for new technology and software development, especially software testing.
  • A curious mindset. We’d like you to be the kind of person who picks things apart just to figure out how they work, and who likes to critically judge software and other products by their merits rather than by their promises.
  • Great teamwork skills.
  • The capability to think outside the box.


In addition, we consider it an asset if you also:

  • Have experience working with medical devices or other regulated software.
  • Are knowledgeable in areas such as TQM, test automation, continuous integration and continuous delivery.
  • Speak more languages than those required above.
  • Are from a country other than Sweden.
  • Have experience organizing exploratory testing events.
  • Have experience with agile development methods and project management.
  • Have worked in roles such as scrum master or agile coach.