Science Park Mjärdevi AB is owned by Linköping City. The Board consists of representatives from the city’s political leadership, corporates connected to the park and Linköping University.

  • Helena Balthammar, chairperson. (s)
  • Fredrik Lunden, vice chairperson (m)
  • Karin Granbom Ellisson (l)
  • Claes Bengtsson (kd)
  • Johan Löfstrand (s)
  • Peter Värbrand, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor, Linköping University
  • Johan Lilliecreutz, CEO, LiU Holding AB
  • Marie Bredberg, Saab
  • Lars Svensson, NAI Svefa
  • Jakob Lindvall, Wide Ideas
  • Sofia Berbres, Head of Product Development Traffic Control, R&D, 4G&5G, Ericsson

Student Board

The Student Board consists of students and PhD students from Linköping University. The Board does not have a formal power but works with board documents and discussions in the same way as the regular board. The aim is to gain a broader perspective on the company’s operations and to develop the company’s plans.

  • Jean Zagonel
  • Ping Yan
  • Vahid Keshmiri
  • Mikael Hovmöller
  • Victoria Cao
  • Sofia Thunberg
  • Pierre Pesek Nandin
  • Felicia Andersson