Popup Collaboration Expo at Siemens

May 7

Welcome to apply for participation in the Popup Collaboration Expo at Siemens

Innovation is one of our core values at Siemens. Currently, we are looking for entrepreneurs, ideas and innovations that can take Siemens to the next level. Therefore, we invite companies to join our Popup Collaboration Expo at Siemens in Finspång.
The day will include a creative dialogue in an interactive environment. The process takes us through a learning and exploring phase to conceptualization of future innovative sustainable development projects in collaboration with Siemens employees.
In the end of the day, there will be pitches, and the projects with most potential will be awarded. The chosen projects will gain financing for a Proof of Concept.

We are primarily looking for companies to help us within the areas of Climate Action, Digitalization and Sustainable Workplace who has competence in the following technical areas:

Popup Collaboration Expo at Siemens

Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery AB is a company with 2600 employees in Finspång and Trollhättan. Our revenue is about 10 billion SEK. We develop, produce and deliver gas turbines for power generation and mechanical drive. We provide products and solutions to generate long-term sustainable and energy efficient electricity.

You can learn more about us here: Siemens GP, Siemens Additive Manufacturing, Siemens ZEHTC.

The Popup Collaboration Expo is organized in collaboration with Siemens, Mjärdevi Science Park and Visual Sweden.

Last years event ended up with 127 ideas and 4 Proof of Concepts, please see two of the participating companies reflection:
Bästa upplägg när det gäller startup collaboration som jag varit med om. Att kunna diskutera riktiga problemställningar tillsammans med Siemens medarbetare var en viktig pusselbit som gjorde samarbetet framgångsrikt på riktigt
Jon Linden, VD Ekkono Solutions AB

Popup Expo var ett väldigt effektivt och givande sätt att forma konkreta projekt kring hur våra lösningar och expertis snabbt kan lösa utmaningar hos Siemens.
Kristofer Skyttner, VD SkyMaker AB

Please send your interest in participation to lena.miranda@mjardevi.se not later than March 10th 2020.

Send a brief description of the company, technology, contact person, link to your website and if you already have any idea of what you would like to partner with Siemens about.