Tech Tuesday with SICK

May 14

Find more bugs with less test code! -automate with property-based testing


Property Based Testing got popularized with the arrival of QuickCheck written in Haskell in 1999. Since then, re-implementations has spread to many other languages. In property-based testing, you specify properties of a system, instead of giving specific examples to test the system against. This together with hundreds of randomly generated test examples has the potential to find more bugs with less test code, compared to example-based tests such as unit tests.



Joakim Åkerblom is a self-employed software consultant currently involved in the development of high performance 3D-inspection cameras at SICK. He will share his experiences of using property based testing in different settings. He will among other things show how it can be used as a safety net when refactoring legacy code, and how it currently is used for finding bugs in stateful systems at SICK.


12.00 Lunch is served
12.15 Time for the seminar
13.00 Head back to work

Tech Tuesday is a collaboration between Science Park Mjärdevi and some of the leading companies in the park. At each event, the arranging company presents an inspiring technology, innovation or application. A great way to stay up to date on both advanced technological development and what happens at the companies in the park.