Charging posts

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There is now a possibility for electric car owners to charge their electric- and plug-in hybrid cars at Vita Huset’s parking lot. The electric car parking spots are used while charging and the regular parking spots when you do not have to charge so that other electric cars are given the opportunity to charge.


At the front side of Vita Huset there is a public charging post which means that it is availabe for visitors of Vita Huset.

Vita Huset’s Tenants

At the back side of Vite Huset (the big parking lot) there are two internal charging posts with a total of four parking spots.

How do I go about this?

You need to get a Clever-card in order to able to charge – either a private- or a company card. For more information, visit If you wish to charge at Vita Husets internal parking spots, you need to inform Vita Huset’s reception. They need your name, Company name, and Clever card number.