Wanted! New members to the student board at Mjärdevi Science Park

Take part in Mjärdevi student board and influence the future of the Science Park!

We strive to create a world-class environment for innovation and business growth. Science Park Mjärdevi is a subsidiary to Linköping municipality. The board members represent business, academia and politics. Beside the regular board Science Park Mjärdevi also has a student board that focuses on how to make the Science Park more attractive for students and young academics from different perspectives.

In the Science Park multinational companies are mixed with leading research and innovative SMEs and startups. By engaging the entrepreneurs and enthusiasts of the future, we aim to deliver services that help them grow as individuals and businessmen and women.

The Science Park has launched a new strategy for the future and our goal is to grow the number of companies in the park from 300 up to 500 and the number of employees from 6000 up to 9000 by 2025. Our new strategy has grown out of the mega trends; urbanization, digitalization and internationalization. These trends will guide us when developing future services to support the talents and the businesses of Science Park Mjärdevi.

As a member of the student board you discuss the same topics as the board; strategies on how to work with attraction and promotion, how to best support business development and how to attract and retain talents. In the student board all questions add the student perspective. Sometimes the student board take action to realize projects to address the students.

As a member of the student board we wish you to engage over a two year period. Every other year half of the board is exchanged.

Student board composition

  • We strive to have a mixed composition of the student board; students from different parts of the university; different faculties, different education programmes, men and women as well as different backgrounds. We have 8 board members.
  • This year we are also looking for students with an international background, and our board meetings will be held in English the coming years.

The student board assignment

  • Bring the student perspective into Science Park Mjärdevi
  • Be an ambassador for Science Park Mjärdevi at Linköping University
  • Be a part in realizing Science Park Mjärdevi new strategy during the coming years