This years award-winning companies acclaimed at Science Park Mjärdevi lunch

During the year, many dynamic companies in and around Science Park have been featured in various competitions and listed as companies with high growth or potential. At an ”Award Winners Lunch” on December 5, Science Park Mjärdevi celebrated these companies. At the lunch, besides representatives of companies, Linköping municipality, Helen Balthammar and Science Park Mjärdevis CEO Lena Miranda participated.

We have many fast-growing companies in and around Science Park. The companies are often found on lists like the Gasell companies and the Super Companies. Syspartner, Indentive, Maintrac and Softube, are found among the year’s super-companies but also Softube and Maintrac, M.Nu and Stonefactory.

– To get on these lists, you should demonstrate a fast and yet sustainable growth. Growing at a rapid pace is a challenge, says Lena Miranda, CEO of Science Park Mjärdevi. It places great demands on management, organization, and finance. Therefore, these companies are well worth both attention and an eloge for their sustained and purposeful work.

The startup companies from Mjärdevi and Norrköping Science Park have also had good positions in the 33 list, DI Digital Startup, DI Gasell, Super Companies, etc., which makes our innovation environments and our region stand out in a positive way.

”For the companies, this kind of attention means a lot, both to get new customers, new financiers and not least to recruit the right skills,” says Lena Miranda.

”We have a great ground for feeding new innovative companies in our region. A strong university, a successful incubator, two science parks and a cohesive innovation system that can help our companies with different issues and contribute in different stages of the company’s growth.

Even the more established companies are distinguished. Sectra peaks for the third year in the US list ”Customer Satisfaction Worldwide – 2017 Best in KLAS for Global (Non US) PACS”. A fantastic achievement.

IFS, SickIVP and Elits are three of the companies in the park who have taken good positions in the ”Great Place to Work” list for several years.

”Having good employers and good workplaces in the park is extremely important, creating visibility and attractiveness not only when these companies recruit, but for all companies in the environment,” says Lena Miranda.

”All the visibility and attention that these companies generate is good for our region. It creates attractiveness and knowledge about our region and our innovation environments, concludes Lena Miranda.